The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records



Kenneth Frank Crutchlow
the Founder and the President
of the The Ocean Rowing Society Int. 1983-2016


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March 18, 1944 -  January 17, 2016

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   Polar Ocean Rowers wanted  - 2021 Most challenging and most prestigious row in history!


Attention of all those who are going to row an ocean!

If you wish ORS Int. to list / promote your row and submit and adjudicate your row for any Guinness World Records then you must become a member of the ORS Int. before starting to row.
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 Zirk Botha (South Africa)

  Cockleshell Endeavour

Calendar of ocean rows in   ●  2020










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    Zirk Botha (South Africa)



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Is going to row from Cape Town, South Africa to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Departure is scheduled for December 1, 2020



Cockleshell Endeavour - David Bruce, Sam Edwards, Will Schweppe and Juniour McIlhiney (all UK)






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Team Cockleshell Endeavour are preparing to row the Atlantic from East to West from Pasito Blanco, Gran Canaria to Port St Charles, Barbados.

Estimated departure December 1st 2020.

The team includes two currently serving Royal Marines (David Bruce and Sam Edwards) and two former Royal Marines (Will Schweppe and Juniour McIlhiney) and are raising funds for the Royal Marine Charity.







Any crews who has not registered with the Ocean Rowing Society International as a member will have a single line of text here giving details of their row. They will be included in the overall statistics but their rows and any records achieved will not be registered with the Guinness World Records or include links to their website, tracking etc. To register your row, please click here.


Calendar of ocean rows in 2020



Peter Rhodes (UK)


is going to row solo the Atlantic West to East from Canada - from St Johns, Newfoundland to Oban, Scotland.
The departure is planned for: Postponed
FB page >>>



Matt Mason, Joel Mcglynn, Ian Clinton, Dom Rogers (all UK)


are going to row the Atlantic West to East from New York, USA to London, England.
The departure is planned for: Postponed
FB page >>>




Stu Morton (UK)

  Olly Hicks (UK)

a former Royal Marines Commando will resume his  attempt to row the Atlantic E-W solo from Lagos, Portugal to Miami, USA on board Soma to become the first person to row from Mainland Europe to Mainland North America non-stop.
The departure is planned for December 2020

  is preparing to circumnavigate the Southern Hemisphere W - E solo. The Global Row voyage encompasses all of the world's major Oceans, covering over 18,000 nautical miles, and will take approximately 18-22 months
The departure
is planned for December 2020








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