The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records




Ocean Rowing Society International
 was  founded in 1983 in California
by Peter Bird and Kenneth F.Crutchlow


ORS Int. Steering Committee


Sylvia Cook

Gerard d'Aboville

Sean Crowley

Mike Nestor

Chris Martin



 Registered with Secretary of State (Sacramento, California, USA)


Kenneth F. Crutchlow - Executive Director

Tatiana Rezvaya-Crutchlow - Coordinator

Dmitry Rezvoy -
Technical Director

Tom Lynch - American Director






Created by
Tom Lynch in California in 1997
Editors-in-Chief - Tatiana Rezvaya-Crutchlow

  Webmaster-in-Chief,  designer of the website and  the Ocean Rowing Society logo - Theodore Rezvoy, oceanrower

- Nick Gonsiorovsky, Dmitry Rezvoy

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