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Adkins Pairs
Ocean Rowing Boat

is for Sale


Want a quick sale, asking




Adkins Pairs Boat, built in 2010 and completed one Atlantic Crossing. Solo attempt then in 2013.
Modified during a complete refit during 2017 and now entered into the 2017 TWAC and looking for a new owner once this is complete.

 Made of a carbon fiber and divinycell foam sandwich. Doesn’t need any repairs, modifications or additional equipment to be ready for an ocean crossing.

Boat survey completed September 2017

Trailer is included with the sale if shipped to the UK



Ph: 0061 7 434 702 139
WhatsApp: 0434 702 139






Ocean Rowing boat

with trailer
is  for sale









2007 Plywood. Build by ocean rowing legend Ralph Tuijn in Holland.

Total professional refit for hull in 2015.

Big modifications made by professionals for deck in 2017 (see pictures)
New Henderson hatches 2017.
Professional service and refit for hull/deck in 2017 including reinforcing the skeg.

Currently set up as solo.

Full Marine inspection in 2017.
TWAC compliant.

Ready for ocean crossing.


Ocean Rowing boat

with trailer










The R20 is considered to be the fastest pairs ocean rowing boat on the market, for those who want to win races and break records.
Built in 2017, this Rannoch R20 was the last R20 to be constructed and won the pairs category in the 2017 TWAC.

Trident was crewed by two members of Row2Recovery and set a new World Record of 37 days, 8 hours and 8 minutes in the process. Having only done ONE ocean crossing, Trident has been very well looked after by two former British Army Paratroopers and is in top condition.
The boat comes with trailer and all equipment needed to row an ocean, minus oars and water maker. The electrics, navigation and communication systems are all top spec.

Please contact the owners to arrange a viewing. Having set the new World Record for the fastest pairs crossing of the Atlantic, and having a passion for adventure, the owners would be more than happy to meet the buyers and assist in their preparations to row an ocean


Pairs Ocean Rowing boat
with trailer




serious offers will be welcomed.


Woodvale Pairs, hull number 001 built 2015 ,
Maintained and looked after to a very high standard.
Completed AORR 2005 and 2010.
Crossed from Morocco to Barbados in December 2011 in 60 days
Competed in the 2015 TWAC crewed by Marine engineer Shane Chadwick and Theo Jones who made the crossing in a very impressive 47 days
The boat was bought to compete in the 2018 TWAC but a literal change of direction and the purchase of a new boat requires the sale of Lady Charmaine.

List of equipment


Ocean Rowing boat

with trailer










A World Record breaking boat (Jay and Kiran – Oarsome Odyssey) recently crossed the Atlantic E-W in 2017-18 (48 days)

Minimal work and equipment needed for next crossing

Built in 2008 by Rossiter’s in Christchurch, UK

Fully refurbished in 2013 and partially refurbished in 2016-17

Boat survey completed October 2017



Ocean Rowing boat

with trailer









Built in 2009 by Rossiter from a Morrisson plan in fiberglass and foam, totaly refitted in 2017 for this crossing (paint, hull and deck, electronic storage, wire, …).
She is a very strong and safe boat. We have tested her marine capacities, she comes back right by herself after capsize within a few seconds !

There is a lot of new equipment, for example : a new life raft, new Katadyn 40e (absolutly no problem during the crossing, perfect storage), new trailer, new Wifi Red Port, new batteries, solar panels, auto pilot, …).

She has 4 pairs of excellent carbon oars and all security equipment and spares

List of equipment >>>

140 RAVI
Ocean Rowing boat

with trailer












2015 Plywood Carbon Reinforced Pairs boat (TWAC compliant) with custom built trailer. 

Built by Ocean rowing legend Ralph Tuijn in 2015.

Currently set up as a solo
Full Marine inspection with independent Marine Inspector available for questions.

Lots of spares 
Click here for the full list >>>

Quick sale needed hence very low price.


Sogno Atlantico

Ocean Rowing Boat

with trailer





Built: 2013
Sogno Atlantico is an Adkin ocean rowing boat, built in 2013 for TWAC2013, it raced in that year’s edition as a pair, successfully completing the race and being one of the few boats not to capsize despite the challenging conditions at the start of the race. In November 2014 the boat was moved to Cantiere Costantini in Italy, a boatyard with over 100 years of experience in building and designing boats. For the next 12 months Sogno Atlantico underwent extensive work to upgrade the electrical equipment and optimize her performance as a solo boat.

In 2015, the boat made her second successful Atlantic crossing, this time crossing in 52 days. Sogno Atlantico won the solo category, beating all other solos, including the newly designed Rannoch and Rossiter solo boats. The boat is fast and stable, once again Sogno Atlantico did not capsize during her second crossing and reached a maximum speed of 15 knts while surfing waves.
Despite being a superb solo boat, she could easily be converted back to a pair as all the fittings are still available.

Click for a list of equipment  >>>






Pure class marine ply solo/pairs
 ocean rowing boat.

with trailer








A great opportunity to purchase a beautiful, well founded and proven boat, currently being prepared for the 2018 TWAC, for a solo or pairs crossing.  

Built in 2009 by Ben Cummings. (boatbuilder)  
2 Atlantic crossings:  2009 and 2015
Stored in dry, ventilated building.
Complete refit for 2015 race. Pre-race survey available.
Happy to pay for new survey and provide hardcopy to anyone agreeing to purchase.

Stripped and repainted immediately upon return from Antigua in 2016.
Liferaft serviced on return. Flares and lights replaced.
Watermaker serviced by Mactra Marine on return.

If you are looking for a good, seaworthy boat for an “expedition” crossing, this is a great example.

The sale will include: 

137 SS4  

A Glass Fibre Foam-Core 
Rannoch 15 Ocean Rowing Boat

with trailer


Built in 2015 by Rannoch Adventure Ltd to a Phil Morrison design.
CE marked and meets the Cat ‘A’ – Ocean RCD construction standard.
Set up as pairs. Winners of the Pairs Talisker Race 2016
One ocean crossing of 51 Days
Safe, fast and reliable ocean rowing boat.
Race ready having had significant professional preparation and fitted to a high standard.
Improved storage for the life raft and oars.
Enhanced solar power and electrical systems ensure good power supply.
This is a well prepared and proven ocean boat ready to compete as soon as possible.
The boat comes with a road trailer and fully equipped



136 JAN  

A Glass Fibre Foam-Core 
Rannoch 20 Ocean Rowing Boat

with trailer





Absolutely amazing boat and I set a Solo Female Race Record and a World Record in this years Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge . She is fast, safe and amazing fun to row. Built 2016 purely for this race and she is in brand new condition.  Fully fitted boat and completed one very successful Atlantic crossing.








Ocean Rowing Boat



(approx. £6,400)


Roger Montandon rowed her across the Atlantic E-W in 1996

LENGTH : 630 cm,
WIDTH : 125 cm,
WEIGHT : 250 kg empty and 600 kilos with the whole load

BUILT: custom-built in sandwich epoxy resin with Kevlar fabric and glass fabric , PVC foam for a compromise between the strength and lightness.

DAGGERBOARDS : one - on the front and two - on two sides at the rear for increased stability; operated from the cockpit via a rope system. •

CASES : eight  to store food, clothes, etc.





A Glass Fibre Foam-Core
Rannoch 45 Ocean Rowing Boat
with trailer

Number of crew: 4-5 (3 rowing positions)
Phil Morrison
Year built:
Built by:
Rannoch Adventures Ltd.

Previous passages: Spain to Sardinia (Sep 15), Sardinia to Menorca (Oct 15) 
Built in September 2015 by Rannoch Adventure Ltd to a Phil Morrison design.

A glass fibre foam-core lightweight fours boat with accommodation in both cabins, CE marked and meeting the Category ‘A’ - Ocean RCD construction standard. This boat has taken part in two Mediterranean races and would perfectly suit a team looking to do an ocean crossing.  Fitted out to a very high standard and accompanied by a trailer and a wealth of other extras.

 Any work required: In order to make this boat ocean ready, a water maker will need fitting.

Equipment included in sale
:  >>>

Click on the image to zoom it in and for more pics








Ocean Rowing boat
with trailer


Priced to sell, fixed at



Professionally built Woodvale's pair boat. Crossed the Atlantic twice,
Just requires a tidy up , would benefit from an electronics upgrade.

Standard items include:
water maker, solar panels , trailer, 2 sets of oars , grab bag , para anchor and much more.


Ocean Rowing boat
with trailer





1996 Woodvale Ocean rowing boat.
5 successful crossings of the Atlantic and this year I used it to row the Black Sea.

I did extensive repairs to her last year and she is solid and watertight. She could do with a repaint but was a dream to row. I installed brand new electrics last year that worked without a fault.
New solar panel, vhf radio, amp and speakers, USB connections and a brand new echo max system. Two sets of oars, epirb, drogues and sea anchor etc.

The boat is sat on a custom built aluminum trailer that tows a dream.
Total weight is under 750kg so no need for a brake but we towed to Georgia and back without a problem (you wouldn't even know it was there!). The trailer is fully vosa checked with a certificate and is still under warranty  (cost me £1900). Incidentally if you plan on towing through Europe you need this certificate!

Shame to sell the boat but kinda need the dosh and any future rows would be in a four or maybe in a peddle powered boat so it's now surplus to requirements! I'd happily row it across something bigger than the Black Sea. 

(formerly Heritage Explorer)
a Woodvale pairs

Ocean Rowing boat
with trailer







Built in 2007,  it has made 3 Ocean crossings, the last two being 2011 and 2015. It is Plywood build with an epoxy coating.

All inspections welcome.


Papa Delta
Foam Core Fibreglass

 Ocean Rowing Boat
with trailer




New Price
Quick Sale







Papa Delta is a pair at present with 2 rowing positions in place but she would make a fine single as well.
Made from foam core fibreglass she is light weight, stiff and fast.
She has reliably crossed the Atlantic twice now since her manufacture in 2010, most recently in the 2015 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge event. Since then she has been thoroughly cleaned and the inside of the cabin repainted.
She also comes with a vast inventory of spares, equipment and accessories (see a separate page for the the list of inventory) making her nearly ready to enter the next race already. There is currently a footsteer system in place which performed flawlessly in the last crossing but there is room to upgrade to an autohelm if desired. The required number of oars are present aboard the boat (6 for pairs setup) and these are all matching, black, full carbon shafts with makon spoons - incredibly lightweight and easy to row with.






 Ocean Rowing Race Boat
with trailer





This stunning Bosgraff paris boat was built in 2015 by renowned professional boat builder Rossiter Yachts in Dorset. She would be suitable for Solo, Pairs and cozy Fours boat and is a seriously competitive Carbon boat. Very tidy through the water with her low drag shape.

Layla is a very quick and comfortable boat. Intrinsically stable due to the unique double daggerboard arrangement. The Rudder and the Daggerboards are interchangeable so in the unlikely event that the rudder breaks you are already carrying the spares! Very good system.

Leven Brown 7 x Ocean Rower, Indian Ocean and North Atlantic Speed record holder, who rowed this boat said ‘Layla and the Bosgraff pairs boats, are a leap forward in Ocean Rowing, safer, faster, more comfortable than any other pairs boat I have been on and so well built by Rossiters'

Full range of equipment comes with the boat




Pairs / Solo
24ft, glass fiber and kevlar hull

 Ocean Rowing Boat
with trailer




or near offer





Built in mid 2012 by Rossiter's in Christchurch, UK.

Currently configured for solo, but very easily adapted for pairs.
This boat has only made 1 Atlantic E-W crossing (55 days at sea), and was owned from new by myself only.
Well built, well handling and a fast boat. This has the potential to be a speed record boat with the right rower/weather.

Comes with the following equipment >>>

I also have a lot of Expedition Food rations for sale, please email me for latest list of what is available. Will be discounted by about 30% from RRP.



Ocean Six







Boat Specification: details to follow

Equipment Includes: details to follow



Ocean Rowing boat

 Woodvale pairs class, raced in 2007 and 2009.






New price




I purchased the boat with the intention of rowing it across the Atlantic, however a change of plans has forced me to re sell the boat.
She is currently set up for single rowing however all parts are available, enabling her to be set up as a pairs boat within a few hours.
I bought the boat in excellent condition with a massive inventory (see below) and have since stripped the boat down and repainted her in bright yellow, replacing any fittings necessary.

July 2016:
London Pride has just undergone a 'mini refit' at world renowned ocean boat builders Rossiters of Christchurch to bring her back up to standard.
Having spent nearly £3,000 on this and having also reduced the price, she is seriously up for sale, any interested parties can contact me or Rossiter's directly

Full list of equipment and extras >>>


Black Oyster

 1, 2 or 4 man ocean rowboat
with trailer









Number of crew: Built as a pair (two rowing positions). But it has completed a solo Atlantic crossing, and has also rowed with four crew members around GB and Mid-Pacific. 

: Fibreglass hull and cabins with a plywood deck. 
: Phil Morrison Low profile pairs, ocean rowing boat. 
Year built
: 2009
Built by
: Jamie Fabrizio 

Previous passages
: 2 Atlantic crossings, 1 Pacific crossing and a circumnavigation of GB.
Atlantic 2009 – 67 days as a pair. Atlantic 2012 – 82 days as a solo.
GB circumnavigation – New World Record 26 days as a four.
Pacific – Great Pacific Race 2014 in 50 days as a four. The boat has never capsized other than during inversion testing.


Click on the image to zoom in





a well-equipped Rannoch R15
Ocean Rowing Boat
with trailer






Lease -

contact the owner

A well-equipped Rannoch R15 configured as a solo boat.  It was built for me in 2015 for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge where we achieved a successful and quick crossing in 53 days.  The boat is in excellent shape and is being stored undercover at Rannoch Adventures in Burnham-on-Crouch, UK – just waiting for it’s next adventure.

It can also be easily converted into a pairs boat.

Available to purchase or to lease.

1 x galvanised single axle 1,000kg gross braked road trailer (to meet EU road requirements).  Fitted with rollers and lighting board.

1 pair Xcell Ocean Rannoch oars with carbon shafts and blades – to fit race rules

Click to view a full list of fitted and loose accessories that go with the boat  >>>










new price

£15,000 - £25,000

depending on equipment supplied   

Built by Jamie Fabrizio of Global Boatworks to a Phil Morrison design.

One of the best built and arguably the world’s strongest rowing boat.  It made the first crossing of the Tasman Sea from Tasmania to NZ in 2009.  It was built for an Antarctic circumnavigation and is equipped for the scale of such a voyage through the inhospitable Southern Ocean. 

She needs modification to improve her downwind performance.  Although this was not helped by being so heavily loaded.

Extremely well equipped and totally bombproof passing through 3 hurricane strength storms unfazed.  

Equipment includes:
  Iridium SC4000 (Thrane  & Thrane)
         NKE Autopilot
         Furuno GPS x2
         B&G instruments & repeaters
         Sony stereo
         Plenty of Solar panels (Solara)
         Air X wind turbine
         Spectra Cape Horn Extreme Watermaker
Too much gear to list here which can be included or not depending on agreed final price.


122   Buy

New price


Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat

If you are planning to row the Indian Ocean, this is a rare chance to significantly reduce the cost of the project by saving on shipping to Australia - the boat is already there, ready to go.

Due to health problem of one of us we regretfully have to quit our attempts to row the Indian Ocean and to sell the boat.
The boat is currently in Australia, stored in dry storage. It has all essential equipment on board and a lot and lot of additional staff, thoughtfully prepared for our own row.
The boat was professionally repaired in 2007, the hull was enforced with fibre-glass, all deck hatches were changed. New electric system.




Ocean Rowing boat
with trailer









A veteran boat of 4 crossings and an ongoing project for a practical person who fancies a bit of work (or we can do the work here at our workshop too :-)) She needs rewiring and old kit replaced but a great price to match. Recently refurbished, re-decked, new deck hatches. Comes with serviced trailer - a fantastic proposition for a budding ocean rower on a budget

Will consider Charter. We are very happy to offer help and advice gleaned over several Ocean Rowing expeditions as well as training and project management.


Limited Intelligence

2009 Woodvale 4's
 fibre-glass ocean rowboat
with trailer




$35,000 USD




The boat crossed the Atlantic twice and Pacific to Hawaii once
She had a full refit in 2014.

Comes with:
sea anchor,
4 Sawyer Oars,
4 Ocean Safety red life jackets in good condition,
Katadyn Survivor 35 hand pump,
Satellite phone antenna,
Echomax active radar reflector,
sealed lopolight,
anchor/chain/rope assembly,
and other requirements for race entry (ditch bag, manual pump) etc.
and trailer.

2 Lifeline 125AH batteries in good condition,
200 Watts of Solbian flex panels new in 2014






$84,000 (cdn)

or trade considered

the worlds most technologically advanced, energy efficient,
 offshore capable, human powered (pedal) boat
is for sale,
 lease, or trade or otherwise available for a good cause





 Ocean Rowing Boat
with trailer









Phil Morrison design
Built by Jamie Fabrizio - Global Boat Works (new July 2013)
Glass/Kevlar foam core sandwich construction

1x Atlantic crossing

Built and equipped to the highest standard

Extensive inventory, including brand-new twin axle trailer
Being sold in ‘as new’ condition, prepared and ready to go again.






A Glass Fibre Foam-Core Ocean Rowing Boat
with trailer




Built in September 2015 by Rannoch Adventure Ltd to a Phil Morrison design

A glass fibre foam-core lightweight pairs boat with aft accommodation cabin, CE marked and meeting the Category ‘A’ - Ocean RCD construction standard. This almost-new boat has taken part in two short Mediterranean races this Autumn, and would perfectly suit an individual or pair looking to do an ocean crossing. Fitted out to a very high standard and accompanied by a trailer and a wealth of other extras.

List of equipment on board: >>>



ex Njord (2011 Atlantic E-W 59 days)
ex Atlantic Jack (2008 Atlantic E-W 73 days)

Ocean Rowing









We bought Njord in 2013 because we really wanted to work with a traditional timber pairs boat. We paid GBP 10k for Njord in a condition that required a 75% strip back to hull and rebuild. However, this was a blessing in disguise as it gave us the opportunity to redesign, preserve and strengthen the traditional Woodvale Pairs Class design from 2008 to bring it proudly into 2015.

We have adapted the design to counter several early issues with timber boats : ...
Read more >>>


Ocean Rowing
with trailer





 17.000 ˆ


We believe our boat is the youngest existing Woodvale's plywood Ocean row boat. She has just rowed the Atlantic and is being shipped from Martinique

See full list of equipment and extras
included into price

114 Dippers
Solo Sprint Ocean Rowing Boat w/trailer & cradle





$45,000 US





Built in 2008 by Jamie Fabrizio for Sarah Outen. One crossing of Indian Ocean in 2009.
Phil Morrison design. Length - 5.9 meters; Beam - 1.65 meters
Cost value when new: £45,000

Hull & Cabins
Closed cell foam core. Sheathed inside w/450g tri axel fibre glass. Sheathed outside w/ 2 layers 300g biaxle fibre glass
Laminated with an aircraft grade epoxy resin system.
Bulkhead, internal framing & flooring/decking
Mixture of 'Lloyds approved' 6mm & 9mm marine grade gaboon ply wood
Gunnels/rubbing strakes
Utile mahogany
The whole structure is painted with 5 coats of epoxy undercoat and finished with a 2 pack poly urethane paint/varnish

This is a beautifully designed, meticulously crafted and well maintained boat. It was completely gone over and refurbished by it's builder after Sarah's historical row across the Indian in 2009.
Equipment includes : >>>



Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat







 25,000 ˆ (Euros).
see details in the text


This rowing boat is recently built, has done only one successful crossing of the Atlantic, was tested after the Atlantic row and is in very good  condition.

The boat was built by Woodvale Events in England and carefully prepared by ocean rower Pavel Rezvoy (one of the most experienced rowing boat builders in the world) together with his son Dimitry and the Englishman Jamie Fabrizio in August and September 2006 in Spain.

The boat has just crossed the Atlantic by Spanish solo rower Andreu Mateu (Dec 2nd 2006 - Mar 7th 2007) and is now back in a warehouse in Tarragona, near Barcelona (Spain).

The boat has been cleaned and prepared and just needs a little of work in order to be ready to go into the water again.

For the list of equipment
go to and see “Equipment¨” (everything in capital letters is included in the price of the boat).

The price for the trolley is 1.500 ˆ (Euros). Not negotiable.  I have reduced the price already two times !!! And the boat is priced at 50% of the original price.
If you want you can fly to Barcelona prepare the boat in one week and take it fully equipped together with the trolley to The Canaries Islands by driving with a rented 4x4 car to Cadiz, and then take the boat from Cadiz to Tenerife and La Gomera by cruising boat.
I can also make arrangements for you and place it in La Gomera or Tenerife where you can make the final arrangements, so you do not have to worry about transport and just fly from your country to Tenerife and find the boat ready there. (price of this service to be calculated).

For this price of 26.000 ˆ I will be happy to spend a full week-end with you to advise you and help you in all the preparations, so your crossing is as successful as mine.

A great opportunity for those who want a safe boat and have no time to prepare it.

For more information do not hesitate to call me or email

I will be pleased to help you even if you do not want this boat.


Atlantic Inspiration
Pairs Ocean Rowing Boat with trailer




£35,000 ono





Brand new ocean rowing boat for the 2013 Talisker Whisky Atlantic challenge, including all new fixtures and fittings by Rannoch Adventures. Recently returned to the UK, Inspiration successfully completed the Atlantic crossing in 61 days, this was despite having no rudder for 12 days, once this issue was fixed we were able to average a very competitive 60 miles per day for the last 18 days of the race. She’s a lovely boat, light and fast, and ready to row.

Boat Specification:
Inspiration is an Adkins Pairs boat, built by Woodvale in 2012. The boat was built using carbon and epoxy and measures 7.2m length and 2.0m width. Identification number SSR150854. Since the boat has been returned to the UK, we have had a brand new rudder fitted (with new design), serviced all electrics, and removed the vinyl wrap and painted the deck. Inspiration is looking fantastic and is ready for her next ocean crossing!

Equipment Includes:
1,400kg gross braked road trailer (recently serviced)
Anti-fouled and all rigging attached
Cassette adjustable height rudder and fixed daggerboard
3 sets of oars
Katadyn 40e watermaker
Full electronics by Raymarine including E7 chartplotter and ST2000 auto-steering system
ISO-approved life raft (fully inspected since finishing)
McMurdo EPIRB and 2 x PLBs
Click  here for the full list



Is available for viewing near London, UK



¹ Description Picture Price
(Formally Mayabrit and Yorkshire Challenger)

 Woodvale Pairs Class

plus trailer







A beautifully finished pairs boat, built by Woodvale in 2005 (Hull number 001)
Maintained and looked after to a very high standard
Ready to go for another crossing with minimal work/equipment needed

Completed AORR 2005 and 2010
Crossed from Morocco to Barbados in December 2011 in 60 days

Refitted/upgraded for 2011 crossing
Fitted with brand new electrics 2011, worked like a dream during the crossing.
ST2000 Raymarine Autohelm Professionally fitted by Rossiter Yachts

Fitted with new hatches.
Deck was completely refurbished by Rossiter Yachts
Repainted to very high standard 2011

Equipment Includes:
6 x Concept oars
4 Seats (3 as new)
2 x Crewsaver Life jackets
4 Man RFD Liferaft (in date, as new)
Sea Me active radar reflector with buzzer
AIS Transponder Unit
Fixed VHF radio
Handheld waterproof VHF radio
Fixed GPS
Handheld Garmin GPS
Spectra watermaker (Serviced September 2011)
Katadyn hand-held watermaker (Serviced September 2011)
Raymarine ST2000 Autopilot with remote control

Click here for the whole list of equipment >>>




Ocean Rowing boat




Basic option:

 Complete option:




Type of Boat: Woodvale  Solo Class
Year of Manufacture: 2008
Crossed the Atlantic once (2009) under the name of Halcyon, and in 2013 crossed from Morocco, to the south of the Gran Canary, where is presently stored, and strategically placed for a new crossing.

Made of fiberglass/epoxy. Length - 7.1 meters, width - 2.02m, height - 1.6m And she has one seat.

Basic option includes:
3 Solara solar panels (160W)
2 batteries
1 watermaker Katadyn
1 electric bilge pump, 2 fixed manual pumps
1 removable rudder, 2 remov. keel
4 carbon x-cell oars
1 VHF radio + antenna
AIS and GPS antennas
1 slide bank seat
2 feet holders (1 carbon)
2 anchors, 3 para-anchors/drog
3 ropes (30 to 50m), 3 floating ropes (12 to 50m)
1 flag mast (UK, Portugal, Brazil and Marocco flags), 3 bottle holders, 1 mattress, 1 fire extinguisher, 1 bucket…
Extra equipment (complete option): >>>













Maple Leaf
Pairs Ocean Rowing Boat with trailer








This beautiful ocean rowing boat has recently returned to the UK after a very successful Atlantic crossing (2nd in the pairs category, 5th overall)  in the 2013/14 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge race by  ‘2boysinaboat’ Jamie Sparks and Luke Birch whom, by doing so, became the Guinness record holders for the  youngest pair to cross the Atlantic (indeed any ocean!). She did the crossing in 54 days and was one of only a couple of boats which did not capsize during this bad weather crossing which saw five other teams withdraw or be rescued. Furthermore neither of the boys was swept overboard like many other competitors and the boys believe this is because of her fixed rails which gave them stability in bad weather conditions.

Boat Specification:
ML is a centre row deck pairs ocean rowing boat, designed by Phil Morrison and built by Woodvale of Devon in 2012. The construction is sandwich laminate hull, cabins and rowing deck using carbon and epoxy. The underwater configuration is medium V with a transom hung rudder. Her dimensions are reported to be L.O.A  7.32 m, Beam 1.83 m, Draft .82. Her official identification number is SSR150853  / CIN GB-RYA0021AF213

a vast amount of kit including :
1500 KG gross braked road trailer, 2 sets of oars, Solar panels, Batteries,  Schenker watermaker, Raymarine E7 Hybrid chartplotter,  Repeaters and tacktickwind instrument, VHF radio and AIS transceiver, Set up for autopilotsystem, Cassette adjustable height rudder and fixed daggerboard, Antifouled and all rigging attached. Misc. other equipment. ML is also presently equipped with an EFOY fuel battery cell which is available for sale by separate negotiation.

All the above information is to the best of our knowledge. You will need to rely on your own survey. All equipment is sold ‘as seen’  ie, the equipment has been across an ocean and you must take all steps to ensure it remains seaworthy for your crossing.










Soma of Essex
 Solo ocean rowboat








2013 World Record Holder - Solo Atlantic E_W Tradewinds I

Built and launched in late 2012 for Charlie Pitcher, this boat has had no expense spared in its construction and equipment and is considered the most advanced and optimized ocean rowing boat in the world. It is priced to sell at a fraction of its original cost and comes complete with a new galvanized braked road trailer that meets EU standards.

The package includes the boat and a vast amount of kit
Construction- Carbon Nomex Epoxy hull, Carbon foam epoxy centerboard c/w control lines Carbon Foam Epoxy Rudder with Carbon Tiller Carbon Sliding Rowing Seat Outriggers,
 Bushes and Pins,
Adjustable Carbon Footplates Flush Moulded Carbon Hull Cleats & Grablines Stainless Steel bow and transom towing padeyes.

Instrumentation - Equipment/Fittings - Power





20.000 ˆ
in Brazil

 25,000 ˆ
in France


Challenge class Ocean Rowing boat


After 2 successful Atlantic crossings, this boat has been carefully and completely restored in 2006. In 2008 started her third row that was aborted after 28 days at sea.




The price includes : The boat and the equipment

All equipment has been bought in 2006 for this crossing, and is in perfect condition

Equipment includes:
1 Electric watermaker
1 Handheld watermaker
5 sets of oars, 3 seats
1 Marine radio
1 VHF radio
1 SeaMe radar
4 Solar panels (1x45Watt, 1x50W, 2x18W)
2 marine batteries (80 Amp each)
 (click here to see the full list >>> Eng, Fr.)

It is in excellent condition. It has been cleaned and prepared and is ready to go back at see.

  It is a great opportunity for ocean rowers who want a good and safe boat to cross the Atlantic, with not much time to prepare it.

Ocean Rowing boat





All offers considered


Fresh from GB Circumnavigation: World Record Setting Boat!

A beautifully finished pairs boat, built by the legendary Jamie Fabrizio at Global Boatworks. Build quality is fantastic and is in great condition. A strong and fast boat.

Completed AORR 2007-08 in 63 days. (Crew: Niall Mccann and James Burge);
Completed first pairs' class GB circumnavigation May- June 2010. 50 days 5 hrs. World record set. (Crew: Nick Dennison and Hamish Reid).

Refitted/upgraded for GB circumnavigation with:
excellent power solution – 215W total of Solara panels; 2 x Standard; Horizon plotters; iPod docking stereo system; Forgen wind Generator (produces upto 20Ah/day); deck mounted anchor/chain - Manson Supreme (removable); improved steering system (improved mechanical advantage, less friction, progressive/predictable turning); auto helm; Schenker watermaker; AIS transponder.
Equipment Includes:
3 sets of oars, rails and 3 seats, custom fitted mattress (amazingly comfortable), reverso compass, para-anchor/drogues x2, LED all round white light, road trailer, 2 x 85Ah batteries and battery monitor Lifeboat, survival suits, lifejackets, EPIRB, fireblanket, fire extinguisher, Katadyne survivor water maker hand operated (unused), flares, electric bilge pump and much more.
Boat also comes with custom fitted cover. We can include left over rations for training/ event if required.
Loads of spares and tools included.

105 BTO Challenger ,
ex - Vopak Victory (sister ship Sara G )



EUR 39,000


A proven ocean rowboat, can carry 4-6 people
Length 11,1m    Width 1,8m


Built of Duflex by professional boat builder
4 sleeping places
3 rowing places
Very comfortable cabins
Carbon safety beams
Crossed Northern Atlantic in 60 days, Summer 2005 - Team Ocean Four, Holland
Last used as pedalboat:  Athens - Amsterdam, Summer 2009

Equipment includes:

Schenker watermaker Smart 30,
2 sea anchors,
autopilot Ray Marine ST 4000,
GPS fixed Furuno GP 32
Superwind Wind Generator,
8 solar panels,
EPIRB MC Murdo 406 (battery expired 2014)
VHF Simrad Rs 82,
log speed and depth meter Raymarine ST 30
2 x 100 AH battery and mastervold,
Inmarsat antenna,
life raft for 4 persons,
bilge pumps,
4 ballast tanks
Boat cover

The boat is now equipped as a tandem pedal boat, all the rowing equipment is included









PATIENCE (aka Atlantic Dragon)




£27,750 ONO


fibre-glass ocean rowboat
plus trailer

Patience is an excellent boat in good condition, professionally built by Woodvale and fitted out by Cardiff Marine Group for the 2009 Atlantic Rowing Race (finished 3rd in the Pairs Class and 5th overall).  She is a fibre-glass boat, light, fast through the water and holds a course very well in big seas and strong winds.

The boat is fitted with the latest Woodvale carbon-fibre rails, buggy (seat) and foot steering system allowing for an exceptionally smooth rowing action and requiring minimal maintenance at sea.  The easy removal of the “2nd” seat and foot plate allows for greater comfort and living space on deck – a real bonus as the days pass by. 

All electrics including wiring, systems, panels and equipment were installed and tested by a professional marine electrician in 2009.  The 25L p/h Schenker watermaker and batteries have been exceptionally well stowed in the aft cabin.  There is plenty of well thought out storage in both the forward and aft cabins.      

The aft cabin is very roomy and was fitted out for maximum comfort including a bespoke mattress (made in 4 parts to allow for easy access to internal storage hatches) and padded cabin walls.

List of equipment >>>

Ocean Rowing boat
plus trailer




New Price




Designed by Roberto Barros Yacht Design, who designed Amyr Klink's boat Paraty I
Well buit in cedar Plywood enforced with fibre-glass (WEST Sistem). 
Length - 6.00m
Beam - 1.6m
Displacement - 350 kg

- Low gravity center
- Good floatability (unsinkable, even full of water)
- 15 water-proof lockers
- A very lightweight ocean rowing boat
- Self righting if capsized

Equipment includes:
Set of construction plans
1X Road going trailer in good condition
Oars: used – 2
2X Marine Batteries GEL - HAZE– 50 amp
2X Solar panels: on top of the cabin, large

1X rowing seats with spares

Recently the boat was completely refurbished at a shipyard in Brazil.
I sell the complete boat ready to row with all the tools necessary for an ocean crossing


102 Indian Runner 4
an extremely lightweight (Foam Core) Carbon and Kevlar four man Ocean Rowing boat
Sale includes De Graff trailer, fixtures, fittings & kit

“The Woodvale Fours class boat was specifically designed to tackle the North Atlantic and therefore able to withstand the toughest of ocean crossings” Built for strength and speed. No expense was spared when building this boat. 









• Constructed in Cornwall by Woodvale Challenge between 2010 / 11
• Length 29ft (8.8m)
• Width 6.4ft (1.9m)
• Extremely lightweight and very strong
• Navigation & cabin lights (LED)
• Excellent electrical installation (128Amp Batteries) proving particularly
  efficient for Indian ocean campaign
• Completed one rowing campaign (approx 80 days at sea with training
• Built and equipped to meet stringent Woodvale race rules and criteria.

The boat is in exceptional condition and is ready for her next adventure

For full list of equipment and details contact ORS Int.







£26,000 ONO

Agreeable to payment by instalments, based on a £5000 deposit


fibre-glass Adkin Pairs ocean rowboat
plus road trailer

successfully completed the Woodvale Atlantic challenge 2009/2010.

Beech Boys Atlantic was built by Woodvale. We received it new in March 2009 as a shell and did all the fitting of equipment ourselves with expert help to a high standard. Beech Boys Atlantic is supplied with the equipment required for the 2009 race. All the equipment was purchased as new for the event. She is presented in excellent condition, ready to go again!

We have kept a record of photos to show all the stages of development.

Main features include:
Compliant with Woodvale race specification for 09/10 Atlantic race, with the exception of the life raft which we hired
New RowTec rails, buggies, foot steering system and rudder including fittings
2 sets of Xcell ocean oars (macon)
1 set of ocean cleaver blades
Removable dagger board
Solara solar panels give 134w total power (2 large rigid panels on the cabin roof and 1 smaller semi-flexible on port side of cabin)
2 x 85amp/h Exide gel batteries
Katadyn Survivor 40e water maker, includes hand pump option
Pur6 hand held water maker
The full list of equipment >>>




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