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(a)   6 Carbon Fiber/Kevlar X3 Ocean excel UK OARS

(b)   200 Watts solar panels, maximizer, battery monitor, battery selector and disconnector, electric installation from 2015

(c)   2 water tight electric boxes including all electronics.

(d)   Fixed Digital Selective Call VHF in water tight box ( WTB) (in need of repair/ replacement as the Buyer was informed).

(e)   Garmin Plotter ( WTB).

(f)    Brand new transponder AIS (WTB)

(g)   Katadyn Power Survivor 40 electric Water maker connected fully operative and with repair kits just installed and installation just renewed, with following just bought on departure additional kits

1.     Art. no. 8012793, Kit, Membrane S35, PS40 and 80 (1pcs)

2.     Art. no. 8016525, Kit, Spool Valve PowerSurvivor

3.     Art. no. 8018615, Kit, Relief Valve with Socket, PS 40,

4.     Art. no. 8013608, Kit, Acid Cleaner 240 g,

5.     Art. no. 8013615, Alkaline Cleaner 240 g,

6.     Art. no. 8013609, Membrane Preservative, 240 grams,



7.     Art. no. 8013053, Kit, Repair Seal Survivor 35.

(h)   Katadyn Survivor 35  manual water maker fully operative with new repair kit installed and additional repair kit just bought.
(i)    2 fully operative Rudders, and a 3rd plywood board with holes done to act as a fortune rudder, or can be used to repair other possible damage in hull on trip. All metal accessories for rudders and hull/keel are extra on board in case of necessary repair.

(j)    Handheld VHF

(k)   Hand GPS, and 2 manual compasses with light.

(l)  Stainless steel Oars holder to be used as standing support when walking on deck. Very solid.

(m)  2 hatches on that you can safely step on on deck for the main storage coffers on deck

(n)   Reinforced bow in case of crash against floating container.

(o)   2 fire extinguishers

(p)   Cabins are water tight and have been repaired.

(q)   New solar ventilators for cabin breathing.

(r)    Trailer (no documents)

(s)   Plenty of extra and repair material and tools: Wheels for row seats, hull repair kit, etc.

(t)    2 inflatable life jackets with harness and 2 survival suits.

(u)   All manuals for all equipment included.

(v)   All Horizon external night cruise led light. The boat is as illuminated as an airport at night with low consumption leds.

(w) One parachute floating anchor, 4 different sizes drogues and a normal land anchor.

(x)   Diverse ropes, inoxcarabiners, etc.

(y)   Stainless steel bar to stay standing by, and enter into aft cabin. Very solid.



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