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6-man Ocean Rowing Boat Mould


This is the only 6-man ocean rowing boat mould in the world (as far as Iím aware). This boat was designed by Ruairi Grimes, with the sole intention of crossing the Atlantic in less than 30 days. We spent 2 years looking at every detail of design and I spent 3.5 years building the mould itself.
Itís 11m in length, with 3 rowing positions and designed to be made from carbon fibre. The mould is in 4 sections with a horizontal split. I took photos of every stage of the build. You can examine each stage of the build process on my Facebook page
Please feel free to have a look through.

If you have any questions just send me (Adam) a message

or call me on 00353 879658315

The mould is currently located in Dublin, Ireland.

Offers in the region of
£30,000 or ą34,000


my preferred option would be
to trade the mould for a boat made from the mould.


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