The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


The Nutilus


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1 x Rossiters Ocean 2  2016/2017 - Carbon Fibre, Atlantic Campaigns race compliant.

Life Jacket

2 x Deckvest Lite+ Lifejacket Harness with the following modifications:
- UML Manual Conversion Kit;
- Pylon Lifejacket Light;
- Sprayhood 170N 5D/Lite/Lite Plus/Duro;
- Boat name, race number, crew name and initials printed on jacket.

Safety Harness and Line

4 x Proline R: Elastic 3 Point with Climbing Harnesses [Half Body Safe Seat Belts for Mountaineering Fire Rescue Higher Level Caving Rock Climbing Rappelling Equipment (Red)]

Safety Clothing

4 x Northern Diver Dry SOLAS Approved Transit Suits

Fire Extinguisher

2 x Ring RCT1750 1kg Dry Power ABC Fire Extinguisher


4 x Boye Cobalt Basic 3

AIS Radar Transponder

Simrad NAIS-500 System Class-B AIS c/w GPS500 Antenna & NSPL-500 Splitter

Displays (Multifunction and Instrument)

Simrad NSS7 evo3 Combo MFD, World Base Map, 2 x Simrad IS42 Instrument - Digital Display, N2K-T-RD NMEA 2000 T-connector for connection of additional display, N2KEXT-6RD (Cable, Micro-C, 1.8m)


B&G (Simrad) NAC-2 Core Pack with Rudder feedback, Simrad AP44 Autopilot controller, Simrad WR10 Wireless Autopilot Remote & Base Station, Simrad SD10 Mechanical Drive for NAC-2, Simrad Transducer Active - DST800 (Depth/Speed/Temp, Plastic, 235 KHZ 2+1m SimNet)


Simrad RS35 VHF/DSC Marine Radio and Navico 1770 VHF antenna (1 m (3 ft) Ultraglass, quickfit @ 3dB), Navico 1810 VHF Ant. Mount

Handheld VHF and GPS

Simrad HH36 Handheld VHF Radio - GPS/DSC


Simrad GS25 GPS Antenna Module pack

Navigation Light

Aquasignal Tricolour

Internal Light

2 x Aqua Signal Series 16 LED Red/White Interior Dome Light (Colombo)


2 x Rolls Series 2 R12-80AGM

Battery Monitor

Xantrex LinkPro, LinkPro & LinkLite connection kits

Fixed Solar Panels

578W of solar panels:
- 1 x SP52 custom panel;
- 1 x SP32 custom panel;
- 4 x SP52L panels;
- 1 x SP39 custom panel;
- 1 x SP91 custom panel;
- 2 x SP78 custom panels;
- 5 x Genasun GV-10-Pb-12V MPPT controllers.

Switch panels

1 x Blue Sea 1222 switch panel (16 position) and 1 x Blue Sea 1200 switch panel (8 position)

12 Volt charging socket

3 x Blue Sea 1045 12/24VDC Socket Dual USB 4.8 and 2 x Blue Sea 1011 12vDC Dash Socket

Main Cabin Hatches

1 x Lewmar Size 30 Ocean Hatch Flat Base;
1 x Lewmar Size 70 Ocean Hatch 25mm (1in) Flange;
1 x Lewmar Low Profile Hatch Size 22 (Round);
1 x Lewmar Size 60 Ocean Hatch 25mm (1in) Flange.

Sliding Seats

2 x Neaves Atlantic Roller Skate Seat

Foot Plates

2 x Neaves Atlantic Complete Footboard, 8 x Nogged Channel Nylon (F = Footstretcher Fittings), 8 x T-bolt L=30mm M6 (F = Footstetcher Fittings), 8 x Stainless stetcher nut M6 x 40mm (F = Footstretcher Fittings)

Rowing Gates

4 x Neaves Atlantic Rigger, 4 x Neaves Sculling Pin 13mm, 4 x Atlantic Topstay (D = Deck Fittings), 4 x Keel Bracket

Manual Operation Bilge Pump (fixed)

2 x ‘Smartbail’ BP5012 - with 1 1/2” diameter hoses


2 x black Jackstay webbing:
- 4 x WD-65451 Wichard Watertight U Bolt 10mm thread with overall length 110mm;
- 10 x BW-370630 (M6 x 30mm thread x 57mm LOA collared eye bolt);
- 10 x ED-731706-E (6mm dia x 60mm length Carbine hook with eye);
- 10m x Liros D Pro - 6mm.

Grab Lines

30m x D12 Black - 8mm

Towing Eye Strop

1 x 5.8m x Liros 12mm Anchorplait Mooring & Anchor Warps;
1 x 12mm Stainless Steel Thimble.

Retrieval Line

13.75m x Liros 8mm Herkules Sheets

Stern Bridle and Fixing Eyes

2 x 4.1m x Liros 12mm Anchorplait Mooring & Anchor Warps;
2 x 10m x Liros 8mm Herkules Sheets;
2 x 12mm Stainless Steel Thimbles.


1 x Ritchie Naviation BN-202 with 180deg off dial

Deck Hatches/Access hatches

6 x Lewmar Size 30 Ocean Hatch 25mm (1in) Flange


2 x Size12 Yacht Drogues
1 x Liferaft Drogue

Lifejacket CO˛ Bottles

3 x 33g CO2 cylinders


De Graff CK1500/2 ADJ boat trailer with upgrade chassis length to 20ft chassis and 10ft drawbar





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