The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records

One design boat for the ‘’Rames Guyane’’. Category SOLO




2 x dry powder fire extinguishers.

Daylight signalling mirror.

Solas reflective tape. (new)

3 x rescue knives. (1 new)

Throwing line

Boat electrics:
3 x solar panels supplying 150 watts

2 x deep cycle gel batteries

2 x USB charging sockets

2 x 12v charging socket

white and red cabin lights

white, red and blue deck lights

all round white light

tricolour nav. lights and mast

white fore cabin light

VHF aerial
AIS aerial /
External sat. phone aerial

Switch panel / 
all wiring diagrams and manuals

1 x footplate

Rowing gates with strong back plates.

1 x fixed deck pump

1 x fixed cabin pump

1 x handheld pump

External grablines.

Towing eye (secure backplate)

12mm towing eye strop.

Stern bridle and fixing eyes.

Fixed compass

2 x cabin vents.

1 x brand new jetboil flash (new unopened)

Waterproof/windproof matches(new)

3 x buckets (new)

12’ para anchor / deployment line / retrieval line

3 x drogues (1 large/2 small)

50m x 12mm towing line


Assorted spares and goodies.