The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records

- by Carol Standish

The Ocean Rowing Society

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Ocean rowing has become not just a feat but a competitive sport and this comprehensive site presents its participants and their achievements with great style. The usual activities of a sporting group society are announced and reported with many pictures which are kind of cute—imagine a convention of ocean-rowers dressed up in full black tie regalia and/or gowns. Most amazing are the statistics of past—and current rows. Since 1896 through July of 2004, 217 documented attempts to row across an ocean have taken place. British citizens account for 129 of those efforts which is probably why the ORS (established in 1983) is based in Britain.

As the statistics demonstrate, however, the sport is international. Lists of rowers are compiled by date, ocean crossed, nationality, gender, complete and incomplete attempts, age, first achievements, records broken and lost at sea. Each list contains date, departure and arrival locations, duration of row, number of rowers, name of boat. Several rowers have written books about their experience and excerpts are included on the site.

Never has such a humble means of transportation been so enthusiastically embraced or so well presented, including a voluminous the picture gallery. Even the equipment for sale section is fascinating. If you never gave a second thought to rowing, a visit to this site will change your mind.


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