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August 9 2004

Four British rowers rescued from heavy seas after their boat split in two told of their ordeal this morning and said they would do it all again.

Speaking from the port of Foynes on the west coast of Ireland, skipper Mark Stubbs, 40, described the moment 60ft rogue waves smashed into their vessel, the Pink Lady.

"The most frightening part was opening a hatchway door, letting the water in and going out into violent seas.

"We took every precaution we could but when struck with a rogue wave all we could do was cling on as best we could."

The men said it was the jokes and silly stories of Pete Bray, a 48-year-old former SAS soldier, which kept them alive as they clung to their life raft.
John Wills, a 33-year-old mapping specialist, said: "Going to sleep is the worst thing you can do because you don't wake up. Peter saved us by chatting and keeping each other alert."
Asked if they would do it again, Mr Bray said: "I hate failure so for me it's unfinished business."


The rowers meet the press today. From the left: Mark Stubbs, John Wills, Peter Bray and Jonathan Gornall

Mr Stubbs also did not rule out taking on the seas again.

"I have a wife and two beautiful daughters waiting for me at home, so it's time now to go home and reflect on it all, but I cannot rule doing it all again," he said.

The men were rescued by a Danish cargo ship The Scandinavian Reefer after six hours spent clinging to a life raft.

Mr Stubbs said: "We all had the feeling that we would turn. It was an eerie feeling to go into the night and know that the storm was coming.

"We worked as an incredible team and worked hard to prepare ourselves as best we could.

"We took every precaution but you just don't expect those weather conditions at this time of year."

Jonathan Gornall, a journalist, said the wave "hit us like a missile". The 48-year-old added: "We did everything we could."


The Pink Lady was cut in two

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