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L A   M O N D I A L E
the fastest crossing by an ocean rowboat
Ocean From To Distance Departure Arrival Time

Atlantic E-W

Canary Islands
West Indies
2952 miles (4750km) (2565 n/m) March 25, 1992 April 29, 1992 35 days
hours 30 min


  • Jacques Busson

  • Jean-Claude Coucardon

  • Hervé Douard

  • Patrick Gollnish

  • Thierry Judet

  • Jean Jauras

  • Charles Henry de la Moynerie

  • Jean-Louis Landry

  • Philippe Priou

  • Francesco Sanchez

  • Gérard Seibel


CROSSINGS: The Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, La Manche



Made of composite, sandwich epoxy under vacuum, with carbon oars, 8 rowing and 6 sleeping positions.

  • Designed by: Luc Poupon & Nordahl Mabire

  • Built at: VMG (Ouistreham)

  • Length: 15.50 m

  • Beam: 2.80 m

  • Weight unladen: 639 kg

  • Weight fully laden: 3 900 kg

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