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Fund Raiser Party of Andrew Morris and Stephane Portes

 Newark-on-Trent, July 16 2005



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Photos by Tatiana Rezva-Crutchlow

I recently described the oceanrowing dinner/auction that was held in Hong Kong by Nick Rowe and Al Howard - they shipped their boat Ghurka Spirit from London for the occasion as they felt they needed something different to get attention. It worked for them, the auction went well and through their story being in Hong Kong paper, they found another sponsor.
Now last weekend Andrew Morris and Stephane Portes had the 'Pirates of the Caribbean party'. More than 500 people were there and the entertainment was non stop from 7.00pm till midnight. The organization it took was considerable - with 2 bands, jugglers, dancers, cannon fire and fireworks, bar, 600 portions of paella were served, etc. etc. The expectation that the weather would cooperate was itself a big gamble, but it paid off - on the day the weather was perfect, the sky cloudless and a good crowd showed up and enjoyed itself in a very relaxed atmosphere at a historic setting exactly in the field where the roundheads and cavillers did battle .
So it was all worth it. This was I am sure the biggest oceanrowing fundraiser yet. It proves you have to be imaginative and daring to raise money for an oceanrow, in each case both crews were rewarded as the income was greater than the expenses.

Kenneth F.Crutchlow, ORS.




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